Alex Ross brings non-stop action and excitement, mixed with thought-provoking concepts in Fantastic Four: Full Circle. The story of the superheroes known as The Fantastic Four begins with an unexpected visitor who makes its way into the secure compound of the Fantastic Four; several things about the visitor and happenings don’t send off positive vibes. The heroes venture into the Negative Zone to get to the heart of who is attempting to take over the earth. What they find there will shock the reader’s mind and make you question what existence means and its purpose.

This reader found each page in Full Circle to be thrilling with its storyline and the illustrations containing vibrant colors within the professionally-drawn cells. The dialogue between the characters is witty and sarcastic and precisely as one would imagine it happening in real life. The storyline keeps the superheroes as heroic and intelligent as ever without changing the feel and personality of each character. Themes of suspense and hero vs. villain can be found, along with vibes of Rocky Horror Picture Show from illustrations in specific cells. As usual, fans of Marvel stories and characters will be satisfied with Full Circle and become impatient for the next work of art.

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