Epicedium – 50 experimental poetic journeys through awakening, alchemy and other worlds by Helene Alexandra Jæger

Book Summary: Exploring the realms of death and dreaming, the occult, the unconscious and the soul, Epicedium is a stream of consciousness collection of 50 works. Told as a four-part story of transformation, Epicedium is a stream of consciousness exploration of spiritual awakening, passion, loss, and journeys in consciousness. Throughout, […]

The Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise: Pentimento Memories of Mom and Me

Catherine Caroline Murphy lived a life of struggle and accomplishment during her ninety-five-year existence. She imbued her children with a strong will to fight for what was right. Catherine was born in 1926 in North Dakota. The beginning of unfriendly economic times led to her family’s relocation to Oregon in […]

One Last Secret

One Last Secret was fantastic from cover to cover. Most of the chapters are narrated by the main character, Dora, who becomes an escort after dropping out of school for acting. She describes her profession as just another acting gig and it allows her to afford the finer things in […]