Goodbye Homeboy by Steve Mariotti

Book Summary: One sunny afternoon in 1982, a young businessman experienced a terrifying mugging in New York City that shook him to his core. Tortured by nightmares about the teens who roughed him up, Steve Mariotti sought counseling. When his therapist suggested that he face his fears, Mariotti closed his […]

Knightmare Arcanist by Shami Stovall

Gift Guide Book Suggestion #6 Got someone who loves fantasy and adventure in their life? Book Summary: Gravedigger Volke Savan wants nothing more than to be like his hero, the legendary magical swashbuckler, Gregory Ruma. First he needs to become an arcanist, someone capable of wielding magic, which requires bonding […]

Indie Corner Questions for Cordelia Lee

1. Have you ever gotten “reader’s block” and how did you get through that? Whenever I have reader’s block, and depending on the story time and subject-matter, I would either give myself a break and return to reading later, or I would just stop reading it completely. 2. How did […]

Indie Corner Questions for Alice Berman

1. Have you ever gotten “reader’s block” and how did you get through that? I definitely pause sometimes when I’m reading a book if I don’t feel incredibly drawn in. I’ll return to it, but if it happens again, I honestly usually put a book aside in favor of another […]

Heart to Beat by Brian Lima MD

Gift Guide Book Suggestion #4 Book Summary: Success is not reserved for the smartest or most talented—it’s earned by those who want it the most. Heart conquers all and the triumphant always go all in, never settling for anything less than their best effort. As a leading heart transplant surgeon, […]

Rosa by Barbara de la Cuesta

Gift Guide Book Suggestion #3 Book Summary “There were little sins and big sins, and if you committed too many little sins you were more likely to go on to the big ones. Some sins you did in your mind and then, sometimes, you went on to let yourself fall […]

The Baseball by James Flerlage

Gift Guide Book Suggestion #2 Know a baseball or sports fan in your life? The Baseball by James Flerlage might be the prefect gift. Book Summary: Landon Myers is a retired pediatric oncologist who spends his days diagnosing the ills of his young grandchildren’s stuffed animals while scheming up new […]

Adjustments: A Novel by Will Willingham

Gift Guide Book Suggestion #1 Book Summary: By turns thoughtful and hilarious (even, inexplicably, both at the same time), this deeply Midwestern book quietly unfolds a vision for how to navigate in a world where we can’t always resolve things. It begins with an old man’s call to the insurance […]