1. Have you ever gotten “reader’s block” and how did you get through that?

Whenever I have reader’s block, and depending on the story time and subject-matter, I would either give myself a break and return to reading later, or I would just stop reading it completely.

2. How did you balance writing your story your way and giving readers what they want?

I try to be authentic to my true voice and not to be long-winded in my writing that would bore the readers.

3. What was an experience you had when you discovered the power of words/language?

I could not remember any specific experience though. I discovered the power of words/language of the years especially when I started writing poetry since my 20s. My friends shared that they are not poetry fans. However, the words I used made them reflect especially to think of different perception on their life direction.

4. What’s your favorite under the radar novel?

I remember there was a book titled Honey. I could not remember the author’s name. It is about a teenage girl named Honey. She had an alcoholic mother and her dad left the family when Honey was a young child. As a result, she had to take care of her mother who is stuck in her own past and unhappiness. Honey made friends who gave her the love which she could not get from her family. She was seeking love from various sources. However, Honey always have this guilt of wanting to stay away from her mother and seek motherly love elsewhere. Eventually a university student who worked as a maid with a wealthy family made Honey feel less guilty in seeking other love besides from her own mother. That the accumulated love and care she received from each individual including from the maid made up one good pie of Love.

5. How much did real world people influence your characters and do you feel a debt to them?

My book is a memoir based upon real world people. They have influenced my expression, my life direction including my writing. Without them, my book would not come to life today.

6. How many unpublished or unfinished books do you have? After successfully finishing this book, do you feel any of those could be revisited?

So far none.

7. What did you edit out of this book?

Paragraphs which disrupt the flow of the book. When I repeated myself on certain chapters, I edited them out.

8. Do you read, or plan on reading, reviews of this book? If so, how do you deal with the good and the bad ones?

I read the reviews, both good and bad. I try to keep an open mind when reading the reviews. Because sometimes there may be those who noticed something which I missed out in my writing. However, I would also take note whether they are being critical due to their own prejudice and preferences because I am aware my memoir can cause them to question their beliefs system. Or question my experiences.

9. Does your family support your writing career? Were any of them instrumental in the creation process?

They were not aware. Only my husband was closely working with me on my draft. He constantly gives me feedback
on how to smoothen the flow of my writing.

10. Do you like audiobooks, e-books, or physical books better? Why?

I prefer physical books better because I like the feel of a book in my hands. Old school I am.

11. What is the most unusual or surprising element of your writing routine?

My infant son on my lap on occasions while rewriting my draft.

12. What is your favorite time of day, season, and place to write? Why?

Morning when the air is cooling, with the birds chirping and butterflies flying in my garden. So far, I have written on my bed, dining table and study table before. No particular place for writing.

13. What is your favorite word and why?

So far, I could not think of any.

14. Is there anything you’re currently working on that would intrigue or interest readers?

So far not yet.

15. Do you share books before they’re done or wait until you have a completed draft?

Usually wait until I have a completed draft.

16. Writing is usually seen as a solitary affair, is this true in your case?


17. Do you start out with a concrete plot or let an idea or ideas lead you?

I usually let the idea lead me.

18. What book or author inspired you to start writing?

Enid Blyton when I was 8 or 9 years old.

19. Do you read any of your own work after publication?

Yes, I do.

20. Do you have a day job other than writing? Does that job ever get in the way of writing?

Currently, I do not have any day job. I am a homemaker taking care of my toddler son. He recently had a liver transplant. Most of my time is spent taking care of him, to ensure he is healthy and do not have liver rejection. Yes, my son gets in a way of writing because he is a very active and talkative boy.

Before his birth, I used to be a meditation teacher and energy healer who specializes in using vocal toning. It was a freelance job that didn’t interfere much with my writing of this book. It took me 8 years to complete writing my memoir.

21. Do any of your friends or family seem to have the writing bug?

I have some creative friends who are into poetry writing, writing articles and published books.

22. How critical are you of your own work compared to reading other authors?

I always believe there is room for improvement. Even after publication.

23. How important is reading other authors to your own writing?

It is important I understand the different styles of writing. To observe and learn the different styles of expression yet not to be an imitator. Reading other authors would give me the inspiration to be my own authentic voice.

24. How important is privacy to you as an author? Do you mind fans or plan on adopting a pseudonym?

I like some degree of privacy as an author. I have already met my fans in person and engage a few in online conversation.