Valerie Cooper thought the toughest thing she would experience was an empty nest without her husband, but then she faces the pushing of a fellow parent Collette that wants her to sell her house and has a grudge against her. When she receives a mysterious letter from her late husband’s great-uncle (one she never knew existed), she discovers she’s received an inheritance. When Collette is found dead, she uncovers shocking secrets that lead her to question everything she knew about her husband.

The book has a delightful writing style with a tone immediately established through Valerie’s reaction to running into Collette, who is deemed as her Nemesis. This set-up introduces the friction between the two women and gives a thorough account of who Collette is, setting the clues before the investigation of her death even begins. The mystery of her death comes with secrets surrounding Valerie’s late husband, which leads her to question everything. This delivers a complicated mystery that is grounded in personal stakes for Valerie. Setting up a humorous undertone, Valerie’s dynamic with her two friends adds fun to the mystery that will make this book hard to put down. A Streetcar Named Murder is a charming foray into Valerie’s world with a mystery that is complex and emotional and leads to a satisfying conclusion.

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