About the Book:

Ride The Snake Road is a science fiction novel that tells the story of scavenge man Beamo Roamer. Beamo gets his eyes on an ancient military map that shows the location of the Lost Fort Knox gold but then gets captured by a ruthless motorcycle gang. The gang is run by Beamo’s former best friend, Tee Sal, a dashing bandit leader. Tee plans to use Beamo to find the greatest payload in history. Beamo has skills the gang desperately needs, including prowess with his famous titanium steel Bowie knife.

Aggressive, genetically-modified wild beasts and bizarre post-humans won’t stop Beamo, but he might not have the know-how to handle Tee’s younger sister, Little Bit. The strong-willed woman falls for her brother’s hostage-guide and he falls for her. Tee ratchets up pressure on Beamo to steer clear of his sister. All the while a vicious empire of chopper-riding, human-skin-collecting marauders is hot on their trail. It all leads to a desperate showdown at an ancient U.S. base hidden in what was once Nevada. Beamo wants the gold and wants to stay alive. He needs to deal with Tee to keep his hardcore reputation. After discovering a gold laptop that contains information to heal the planet, he realizes he wants a life of redemption with Little Bit more than anything else.



“Wow’s dense backstory provides a rock-solid foundation for the story. Likewise, the cast already has history (Beamo and Tee did their mandatory militia service together). In fact, the story too often dwells on the past, as the bikers discuss topics they barely know anything about, such as bygone Merican days (“Back then, privileged kids went to schools called collegesuntil they turned twenty-two, a lot of times even went until they were a lot older”) and ancient religions. The author smartly keeps the characters moving westward; the gang runs across all sorts of trouble that they handle as efficiently as possible before Tee belts out his refrain, “We ride!” They face monsters of assorted sizes, supernatural beings, and evil humans, who tend to be the most deplorable of these foes. Beamo, who narrates, dubs this his memoir, but as it’s only a small part of his life; sequels/prequels are a definite possibility. A grim but entertaining dystopian tale.”

A Kirkus Reviewer

About the Author:

LeRoy Wow is the author of the horror micro-fiction collection Man-Corn in the Promised Land. (Chosen as a Reviewer’s Favorite by the Midwest Book Review). He has a B.S. in environmental biology and has worked for urban and rural public health agencies as well as an American Indian reservation in Arizona.

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