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Tensions are at a breaking point. The Western markets that once relied on Russian gas have turned to Israel for their energy needs. Furious, Russia surreptitiously moves to protect their interests by using their newfound ally, Iran, and Iran’s proxy militias.

As Israel’s elite fighting forces and the Mossad go undercover, they detect the Kremlin is planning a major attack against Israel. Hunting for clues, Mossad agents Nir Tavor and Nicole le Roux plunge themselves into the treacherous underworld of Russian oligarch money, power, and decadence.

With each danger they face, le Roux’s newfound Christian faith grows stronger. And battle-weary Tavor—haunted by dreams from his past—must confront memories and pain he’d sought to bury.

In this electrifying thriller, hostilities explode as Tavor and le Roux fight to prevent a devastating conflict. Will they be able to outwit their enemies, or will their actions have catastrophic consequences? And how can Tavor’s Kidon team possibly survive when forces beyond the Mossad’s control step in and turn the whole operation upside down?



5 Stars

Out of the Far North is the latest Nir Tavor Mossad Thriller from authors Amir Tsarfati, and Steve Yohn. There’s this kind of escapist tonality to the read, something that makes the sense of fun almost transportive if it weren’t for the grim reality tinging every page. There’s never anything topically escapist, and all you have to do is pick up a paper or watch the news to be reminded of the real-life stakes from which the book derives and grounds its storyline in. Tsarfati and Yohn write with this kind of brash matter-of-factness. They’re never ones to dwell excessive on verbose details, or filler passages which can even claim the lines of some of the greats – Le Carré and Clancy included. Their deliberately choppy, fast-paced, yet nonetheless vivid and immersive descriptiveness almost calls to mind referentially the work of writers like Cormac McCarthy, Tony Hillerman, or even Harper Lee. Writers who rely on the ideological power of story with communication that steps aside from the showcasing elements. Excellent writing, but never at the expense of the story not drawing one in closer. This dances well with the real-life backgrounds of the writers themselves.

Amir Tsarfati was a major in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and the founder and president of the nonprofit ministry group Behold Israel, while Steve Yohn also sits in a senior writing and editing position in the organization. He brings an interesting, juxtaposing experience which enriches the writing due to his theological history. For ten years, Mr. Yohn was a pastor for a church based in Strasburg, Colorado. It’s these two, theologically aligned but diverse backgrounds that help make the storyline components so interesting. They also probably play a role in what I highlighted previously, in a nutshell the narrative’s show don’t tell approach when it comes to communicating story.

– Alexander, Goodreads

About the Author:

Amir Tsarfati is a native Israeli and former major in the Israeli Defense Forces. He is the founder and president of Behold Israel—a nonprofit ministry that provides Bible teaching through tours, conferences, and social media. It also provides unique access to news and information about Israel from a biblical and prophetic standpoint. Amir is married with four children and resides in northern Israel. Instagram 

Steve Yohn is a senior writer and editor for Behold Israel. Previously, he served as pastor for a church in Strasburg, Colorado, for ten years. He has coauthored six thriller novels and ghostwritten other works. Steve has one daughter and lives with his wife just outside of Denver.

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