One Last Secret was fantastic from cover to cover. Most of the chapters are narrated by the main character, Dora, who becomes an escort after dropping out of school for acting. She describes her profession as just another acting gig and it allows her to afford the finer things in life. She describes her thought processes and tells the readers about some of her regular clients. Some of her stories are quite unique. Her best friend Evan becomes worried one day when Dora comes home beaten up. He asks her to marry him and she accepts and promises not to take on any more escort jobs.

Quitting is not so easy for Dora, however. She agrees to go on one last escort job with her regular customer, Daniel, under the premise that she will act as his girlfriend so he can get closer to one of his friend’s wives whom he has a thing for. Dora agrees on the condition that there will be no sex.

Dora quickly regrets this decision as she is put through an awful and scary experience with a group of strange people. There are times that the reader will feel like Dora is an unreliable protagonist. Is she crazy or it this group of crazy friends? This book has the most fabulous twists and turns and I would recommend it to anyone who loves thrillers.

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