No Game For Knights is one of those short story compilations that miraculously has something for every reader to enjoy, regardless of their preferred genre. Are you a fan of Casablanca-style wartime intrigue? This book has you covered. Talking animals searching for lost jewels? They’ve got that too. Neo-noir detectives from the future on the case of the century? Aliens? Vampires? Yep, yep, and yep! I’m pretty sure you could put this collection into just about anyone’s hands and they’d find something to be absolutely stoked to read as long as they like their heroes a little on the dark and gritty side.

I was thrilled to discover new stories from Laurell K. Hamilton (my favorite!) and Sharon Shinn, although based on the gritty anti-hero theme I was hoping for something from Jim Butcher as well. Mild disappointment at the absence of Harry Dresden aside, the range of authors and story content offer an eclectic, diverse, and overall, highly entertaining mix that is best enjoyed with a stiff drink and a flair for adventure.

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