Doe’s Dandelions is the story about a doe (deer) who was excitedly getting ready for the Petal Parade with her friends Porcupine, Squirrel, and Bear. Doe grew daffodils, Porcupine had petunias, Squirrel had snowdrops, and Bear had bluebells. Doe found many dandelions in her grass one day and became scared of the weed! She went to visit her friends to warn them about the dandelions and found that they weren’t worried but thought of Doe’s “weed” as a snack, a pretty color in a bouquet, or something to help you make wishes. This gave Doe something to think about; would she change her mind about dandelions or would they stay a weed?

Doe’s Dandelions teaches us that people might think of things differently and that it’s okay and good to hear what other people think because different thoughts could make more sense. Doe did a good job of letting her friends know what was bothering her and also listening to them and hearing what they thought of her “problem.” I liked the colors in the story with the different flowers and I might have to try doing my own Petal Parade when it gets warmer with the instructions at the end!

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