Unbound II: Tales by Masters of Fantasy is a new anthology by award-winning author and editor Shawn Speakman. This anthology of seventeen tales contains fantastical stories that are genuinely unbound. Speakman, for a number of reasons, intended this collection to be themeless. Pure magic happens when that much freedom is given to the accomplished authors featured in this book. Most of the writers who contributed to this collection are no strangers to fans of sci-fi and fantasy. Works form unknown writers have the chance to pleasantly surprised many readers.

A few authors used the opportunity to expand and explain characters readers have already learned. At the same time, other authors came up with brand-new stories for this anthology. Many tales are fun and lively jaunts. Some stories are much darker and more suited for the terrors that haunt our sleep. The range of short fantasies are as diverse as the contributors. Speakman’s own short story is in honor of his father. Whether the tales occur on distant worlds, quiet bay towns, rugged woods, or the shadows in creepy basements, there is a story for every fan of fantasy fiction.

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