Forever Cousins is a sweet story about two cousins who are best friends, Kara and Amanda. Kara’s family decides to move to the Rez, or reservation, from the City, and both girls are sad to leave one another. They write postcards and talk on the phone about their everyday activities. While Kara is on the prairie winning a three-legged race, Amanda is at an Easter egg hunt. When it comes time for the family reunion on the Rez, both girls wonder if they are still going to like each other because their lives are very different. The two girls have a bond that is much stronger than the distance and time they are apart. They play as if no time has passed, giggling, swimming, and running around.

This book introduces young learners to the Indian Relocation Act of 1950. The author shares her family’s experience with injustice to Native Americans in the past and present. With themes of friendship, love, and values and beautiful color illustrations of happy, friendly faces, this book is sure to become a favorite of young readers.

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