1. Have you ever gotten “reader’s block” and how did you get through that?

“Reader’s block” usually happens when I am waiting on my favorite authors’ new books and there are no other books that would grab my attention. It only lasts a short time, and I get through it when I find a book that I can’t put down.

2. How did you balance writing your story your way and giving readers what they want?

I balance it by trying to make the most entertaining story.

3. What was an experience you had when you discovered the power of words/language?

It’s my general experience that using the right words not only can set the tone of a conversation but ensure its outcome too.

4. What’s your favorite under the radar novel?

I love P.G. Wodehouse and P.H. Howard books. They are absolutely hilarious!

5. How much did real world people influence your characters and do you feel a debt to them?

It is inevitable that real life experiences and people influence the story and characters in any book. Many of these inspirations are unintentional and yet find their way into the book anyway.

6. How many unpublished or unfinished books do you have? After successfully finishing this book, do you feel any of those could be revisited?

The Last Lumenian is my first book that is published and finished. I have its sequel at the editor, getting ready for publishing in early December.

7. What did you edit out of this book?

I completed 5 or 6 rewrites of The Last Lumenian book as I developed my writing craft and writer voice. Many scenes were merged into a new one, a few characters never made it into the final version. All these changes were done in the hopes that the story I present to the readers is the best I can do.

8. Do you read, or plan on reading, reviews of this book? If so, how do you deal with the good and the bad ones?

Once in a while I check out the reviews of my book. I only take inspiration from any reviews, no matter what star rating they have.

9. Does your family support your writing career? Were any of them instrumental in the creation process?

My family is my biggest supporter. They have been cheering me on throughout the 6 years it took to write the book.

10. Do you like audiobooks, e-books, or physical books better? Why?

I love physical books the most–the feel of them is something special. However, I tend to get headaches if their print is too small, or not bright enough, which led me to gravitate toward ebooks over the last few years.11. What is the most unusual or surprising element of your writing routine?
One of the unusual elements of my writing routine is that I don’t write every day. I usually spend 3 to 4 months on notes before I write my book in 30 days (or less).

12. What is your favorite time of day, season, and place to write? Why?

My favorite time of day is around 3 pm, my favorite seasons are fall and winter, and my favorite place to write is by the window. These all bring a feeling of peace that inspires me to write.

13. What is your favorite word and why?

Epiphany. It’s a wonderful experience when one can have a sudden and illuminating realization about life or even about themselves.

14. Is there anything you’re currently working on that would intrigue or interest readers?

I am currently working on book 3 in The Last Lumenian series.

15. Do you share books before they’re done or wait until you have a completed draft?

These days, I only share my books/drafts after they are completed.

16. Writing is usually seen as a solitary affair, is this true in your case?

It’s only true if we don’t count my loyal supporter and “co-author” dog who is always by my side.

17. Do you start out with a concrete plot or let an idea or ideas lead you?

I usually start with an idea that I develop into a plot over the course of a few months. While having a concrete plot may seem that it won’t leave much room for new ideas, that is not the case. I often get my best ideas when I am in the middle of writing a scene. They usually support the plot and not take it off track.

18. What book or author inspired you to start writing?

Many books and authors inspired me on my journey to become an author, but there is one that stands out the most–P.H. Howard. Without picking up a P.H. Howard book, I would not have become an avid reader, and without being an avid reader, I would not have started to write.

19. Do you read any of your own work after publication?

I do, often for marketing purposes and also to make sure I don’t contradict myself in the next book.

20. Do you have a day job other than writing? Does that job ever get in the way of writing?

No, I don’t have a day job outside being a writer.

21. Do any of your friends or family seem to have the writing bug?

My grandmother was a poet, but her work was never published.

22. How critical are you of your own work compared to reading other authors?

I am my own worst critic!

23. How important is reading other authors to your own writing?

It is not only essential but also critical to keep reading other genres and authors. This helps to further develop one’s author voice and become a better writer.

24. How important is privacy to you as an author? Do you mind fans or plan on adopting a pseudonym?

I cannot speak on other author’s behalf but for me, privacy is important. I did not become a writer for the spotlight. I only wish that my book makes readers entertained and happy.