1. Have you ever gotten “reader’s block” and how did you get through that?

Yes, I have. I take a break from writing, stop for the day, or go read a book.

2. How did you balance writing your story your way and giving readers what they want?

I don’t balance it. I write from my heart and just hope it will connect with someone. I will never be able to please everyone so I just try to write authentically.

3. What was an experience you had when you discovered the power of words/language?

I remember reading a book and it was fun. It was easy to read and made my laugh and tear up and made me think. It was an experience!

4. What’s your favorite under the radar novel?

The Art of Spiritual War by Andrew Farley

5. How much did real world people influence your characters and do you feel a debt to them?

A lot of my stories come from events from my life. So a lot of my stories come from close friends or family members because they are a part of them.

6. How many unpublished or unfinished books do you have? After successfully finishing this book, do you feel any of those could be revisited?

0. But I have a ton of ideas for books.

7. What did you edit out of this book?

I edited out a few chapters that were good but didn’t fit with the style of the book.

8. Do you read, or plan on reading, reviews of this book? If so, how do you deal with the good and the bad ones?

Yes, I do. And I take them all with a grain of salt. I try to appreciate the good ones and the bad ones I try to hear and find a way to learn from it.

9. Does your family support your writing career? Were any of them instrumental in the creation process?

Yes, my family and friends support me a ton. And a few of them definitely helped me both financially and with reading the book and offering great feedback!

10. Do you like audiobooks, e-books, or physical books better? Why?

I love all of the above! It depends on the book and occasion. If I know the book is going to give me a lot of information then I want it to be paperback so I can mark it up. If it’s more of a fun read then I like it as an ebook or audio.

11. What is the most unusual or surprising element of your writing routine?

I like to write in the morning with coffee… so I guess I’m probably like most American writers!

12. What is your favorite time of day, season, and place to write? Why?

As mentioned above, the morning works best for me, in my house, and in any season. I think I am most productive in the morning so that’s why it works best for me.

13. What is your favorite word and why?

Grace. It captures everything that I write about and it’s the name of my fiancee! 🙂

14. Is there anything you’re currently working on that would intrigue or interest readers?

I have a few ideas in my head…. A book about God’s grace in the Old Testament. A book on prayer. And a devotional on knowing Christ.

15. Do you share books before they’re done or wait until you have a completed draft?

I share a rough draft to close friends and family. But I usually don’t tell a lot of people about it.

16. Writing is usually seen as a solitary affair, is this true in your case?

Yes and no. For me, I like to speak on what I am writing on to see if my ideas will connect with an audience.

17. Do you start out with a concrete plot or let an idea or ideas lead you?

I have an outline and work from there. And I let new ideas be added in when necessary.

18. What book or author inspired you to start writing?

Max Lucado’s style of writing really inspired me to write and write in a way that is fun, theological, and connects with real life.

19. Do you read any of your own work after publication?


20. Do you have a day job other than writing? Does that job ever get in the way of writing?

Yes. I am a pastor at a Church and I run the social media for our pastor’s ministry. They don’t get in the way, but I don’t have a ton of free time to write. Writing is a hobby for me.

21. Do any of your friends or family seem to have the writing bug?

Yes and no. If they do, I always encourage them to write because we all have at least one book in us and someone needs to hear our story.

22. How critical are you of your own work compared to reading other authors?

Very, but in a positive forward thinking way. I realize my limitations but I strive to be better and better each time I write something new.

23. How important is reading other authors to your own writing?

It’s important to me to see how they’re style and how they connect with their readers. I like to study the details of what they do. Like how they start and end a chapter and how they use specific words to craft a story.

24. How important is privacy to you as an author? Do you mind fans or plan on adopting a pseudonym?

I am not that private. I like to connect with readers and I want them to see my struggles and hope that I can help them with theirs.